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Say Goodbye to Roof Stains

Zinc Strips

What You Don’t Know About Zinc Strips Can Destroy Your Roof

      Zinc strips are the latest rave in roof moss protection these days. But if you look at how zinc strips work, the question needs begging: would it be worth your precious dollars to install it or are you better off without them?

      Moss is a big problem for homeowners because it’s not only unsightly, moss slowly erodes roof shingles over time leading to costly reroofing. Of course, zinc strip makers would argue that their product is very effective at preventing moss damage. Zinc strips purportedly can protect your roof.  But do they really work?  No!

      The way zinc strips are supposed to work is that every time it rains, the chemical in the metal gets washed off the zinc strip and into the shingles down below, removing moss and its beginnings. But over time, the zinc gets used up—it loses its effectiveness against the moss and the dreaded problem returns again. You’ll need to replace the zinc strip to keep protecting your roof.

      On the surface, zinc strips are cheap solutions to a recurring problem. You install the strip, replace it when its service life is over, then you wait until the next few years or so until it’s time to replace it again. But of course, you forgot how zinc strips are mounted on your roofing.

      To apply a zinc strip on your roof, you have to raise the edges of the roof ridge or the shingles to get the metal to hold. This removes the waterproofing and renders your roof vulnerable to water seep. Not only that, you have to drive nails into the zinc strips—and consequently through to the roof—to anchor them in place. You’re creating holes in your roof and therefore, places where water can penetrate and leak into your roof structure.

      That’s a risk of even bigger, quicker, more expensive damage to your roof—rot, mold and mildew into your attic, frames, insulation, etc.—than moss could ever do because you’ll be installing, stripping then installing zinc strips over and over again to keep them functional.

      If you truly want to protect your roof from moss damage, there’s a simpler, cheaper solution than buying zinc strips and poking holes into your roofing. Before and after the rainy seasons, get a professional roof cleaner to clean your roof with a cleaning solution to remove the beginnings of moss and other debris that could result in roof spots and stains. Do this regularly and your roof will have a far longer service life than if you’ve had zinc strips installed.



Clients & Testimonials

David R.

Cleaned roof and chimney. Great job and looks perfect!!! It went well. Will be glad to recommend this company to my family and contacts.

Lee M.

Excellent. Went above and beyond by cleaning exterior of chimney while there. Kept me informed the entire time from estimate to work completion.


A-team removed algae and mildew stains from our roof. They did a great job. Very professional.