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Say Goodbye to Roof Stains

Black Streaks On Your Roof


If you’ve been seeing black streaks on your roof, chances are you may have an infestation of Gloeocapsa magma.  Gloeocapsa magma is a kind of cyanobacteria that derives its’ energy from the breakdown of molecules by light.

These black streaks on your roof are a growing concern across the country.  It started in the southeastern states of the US – Florida, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, and Alabama and grew northwest from there. Gloeocapsa magma is blamed for the dark, unsightly roof streaks and stains on most of the houses in these states. It is typically spread by the elements, especially wind, and by birds and animals that frequent roofs.

If not addressed immediately, Gloeocapsa magma will build up on your roof. It’s been known to produce curls on the corners of roof shingles and raised humps on roof surfaces, which can break or shatter shingles. Most roof repair and cleaning experts say that if Gloeocapsa magma is left ignored year in and year out, your roof will rot more quickly, age faster and lose its filler materials in half the time. Pretty soon, this bacterial infestation can cause you to lose hard-earned dollars from roof repair and reconstruction costs and from higher cooling bills.

Gloeocapsa magma damages roofs by feeding on moisture and the limestone filler material that makes up roof singles. It can infest your roof quickly under these conditions:

1.  Unrelenting humidity and hot weather, which encourage the growth and spread of bacteria spores thereby increasing the black streaks on your roof.

2.  Limestone, the most common material in fiberglass roof shingles in popular use by most modern residential homes, is the favorite food source of these bacteria. Coupled with its ability to hold moisture, your asphalt roof can become a breeding ground for these bacteria in a short time.

The best antidote to a Gloeocapsa magma infestation is a regular, yearly check on your roofs’ shingles. If your roof is already infected with the cyanobacteria, a thorough cleaning done by a professional roof cleaner will do the trick.  Those black streaks on your roof will disappear almost immidiately.  With moss and lichen don’t expect to see immediate results.  They will be dead when the roof cleaning is done, but it could take a couple of months for the root system to die and blow off.

As always, if you want to do roof cleaning and repair by yourself, please keep in mind that walking on a roof can be very dangerous. Don’t go on your roof after a rain or when the roof is moist as you can slip and fall. It’s always best to leave the work to the professionals as they have the equipment and the experience to do a quick, thorough, and safe job.




Clients & Testimonials

Lee M.

Excellent. Went above and beyond by cleaning exterior of chimney while there. Kept me informed the entire time from estimate to work completion.


A-team removed algae and mildew stains from our roof. They did a great job. Very professional.

David R.

Cleaned roof and chimney. Great job and looks perfect!!! It went well. Will be glad to recommend this company to my family and contacts.